Saturday 12/10/2013 is the International Day Against Pain.

Haven't heard of it before?  You aren't alone, I'm a bit ashamed to admit that I didn't know about it until I came across the the APMA site on Facebook, you can find them here or here.  They are a very generous and kind group of people with a wealth of information. 
 Unfortunately Chronic Pain, Pain Management and the courageous people that suffer this affliction everyday are largely unrecognised - for the record (Peter!) I am not including myself in this group because anyone close to me will tell you I'm the biggest winger around.  Treating pain, whether or not you have chronic pain, can have significant out of pocket expenses.  Subsidies by the government are slim and many of the recommended medication are not subsidised by the government (under authority) - yet the government recommends many of these medications as a first line treatment for nerve pain and other pain states.   To give you an idea - my scripts in a month can come to $450.  That's not including any neurosurgeon's  or general practitioners appointments etc that come up throughout the month.  Yup, it adds up.  So, if you are in this position or would like to help those who are, please read below - it is easy peasy and will take 2 minutes.  Thank you.  
Please note that the information below was kindly provided by APMA who can be found here.  

This Saturday 12 October is the International Day Against Pain. You can
take an active role close to home by letting your local MP know that the
government's current neglect of pain is unacceptable. It's so easy, because
the email has been written for you, all you need to do is add your postcode
and a few details. Simply click on the link to get started:<>


10/10/2013 6:56pm

Hi, chronic pain is definitely under recognised by the government and can be extremely frustrating at times. Thank you for the link.


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